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Used Cubicles and Workstations, Call Center Cubicles!

New Office Furniture: cubicles

Our Used cubicles , workstations and call center Stations!
Our brands include; used Herman Miller cubicles, used Allsteel cubicles, used Hon cubicles, used Steelcase cubicles, used Haworth cubicles, used Teknion cubicles, used Knoll, used Harpers,used Kimball, used Trendway cubicles and many others! workstation in L-shape, U-Shape in sizes from 5×5, 6×6, 7×7,6×8, 8×8 to 12×12 and any other sizes! Many Heights include 39″H, 42″H, 53″H, 60″H,65″H, 67″H, 77″H, 80″H and many more in between or higher! We can get cubicles for any size job you need from 1-1,000 or more!
Office Techs Furniture is a retailer of used cubicles Orlando, used cubicles Jacksonville, used cubicles Lakeland,used workstations Gainesville, used workstations Tampa,used office furniture Ft. Lauderdale and all of Florida. We also delivery and provide installation anywhere!

Our used Herman Miller A03 Cubicles!

  • Very Clean 6×6 stations! 80 available! Size: These will have new options at used price!

  • Can make in many different configurations! Gray fabric with gray trim

  • Drawings,delivery and installtion available!

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office cubicles orlando

Our used Herman Miller A03 Cubicles!

  • Used Herman Miller A03 Gray feathered pattern Stations. Sizes 2×4, 4×4, 4×6, 6×6 in 53H and 63H available!

  • 200 plus available!

  • Drawings, delivery and installation available!

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office cubicles orlando

Our used Knoll Dividends Cubicles!

  • Used Knoll Dividends 7×9 stations. Can make in other configurations! Dark Beige/Gray fabric. 64H main with 53H spine with screens.

  • Configurations to determine some options

  • Approx. 22 available in stock.

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office cubicles orlando

Our used Haworth Cubicles!

  • Used Haworth Places 6×6,8×8,6×8,4×4, 4×6 stations. All 69″ H

  • Olive gunmetal gray patterned fabric.

  • Up to 400 plus of 4×4 available!

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office cubicles orlando

Used Herman Miller A03 Cubicles!

  • Herman Miller A03 5.5×5.5, 2×42″W, 42×42 in 53″H. Gray/Beige fabric, Mahogany wood top cap, black trim, dark gray surfaces.

  • 200 plus stations available!

  • Also have Herman Miller A03!

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office cubicles orlando

Used Knoll Equity budget Cubicles!

  • Used Knoll Equity 3×3,6×6 at 66H. Limited amounts with no power in tan fabrics. Gray fabric can do 4x4x66H no power

  • Approx. 10-6×6 or 20-3×3 Tans, 4×4 gray

  • 25 stations in stock.

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office cubicles orlando

Coming in October 2016 Used Haworth Unigroup!

  • Used Hawoth Unigroup, very clean. Cherry worksurfaces.

  • 22 Stations with some glass and mixed height panels. Pedestal Drawers. Common size 6×6 and others.

  • Light Beige Trim, Cherry worksurfaces with corner and gray/beige fabric.

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office cubicles

Used Herman Miller A03 Tan 6x6!

  • Over 700 total stations and selling fast!

  • 24x48W ,6x8W, 8x8W,48Dx48W,6×6. Panels are 69″H Spine wings are 53″H!

  • Call Us to do a layout for you, Free!

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office cubicles

Used Knoll Equity Cubicles!

  • Used Knoll Equity 4x4x60H, in Gray/Rose fabric with Dark Gray trim.

  • Approx. 25 stations!

  • Priced to move, no system power.